A bit about myself:

I grew up in New York, on the very eastern end of Long Island. I started my photography career as a surf/landscape photographer in my hometown, chasing waves and shooting photos of friends in the water. I didn't grow up around off-roading, but we did have endless miles of sandy beaches you could drive on, so I think thats where the 4x4 obsession started. My first real off-road experience was in Boulder, Colorado, while attending my freshman year of college. I drove my stock 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser from New York to Colorado, and once I arrived I knew I was going to use it to access the rocky mountain wilderness, a small lift and tires was the start of it all.

After my year in college I decided it wasn't for me, so I moved to San Diego, California. I worked for a year just doing part time jobs and slowly building the FJ cruiser, while exploring my new home. In early 2016 I started an internship with adventure photographer Chris Burkard,  traveling the USA learning and assisting on photoshoots. A winter went by and that summer it was back into surf lessons and part time work. Fall of 2016 was when I embarked on my first major trip, the Alaska Expedition, 43 days and 12,000 miles (Read more about that here) and after that I decided I wanted to shift my photography more into the automotive field. Late 2016 I started interning for a company called Mad Media, working as an assistant/photographer and then got hired on full time in early 2017. In early 2018 I bought my first house, a 2000 Ford F250 with a custom camper on the back I named "Bruce", I moved into the camper full time in March 2018 and have been traveling the country taking photos ever sense.